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About Us
Bright Child Learning Center opened in October 2011 at 3149 Maple Valley Drive on Madison's Southwest
 side.  We are the area's first infant Montessori program and serve children ages 6 weeks to 6 years in a beautifully updated, natural, and developmentally appropriate environment.  At BCLC, your child will foster an attitude of respect —for themselves, their friends and their environment.  They will work at their own pace and begin developing a lifelong love of learning! 

 What makes Bright Child Learning Center different?
  • BCLC creates a child-centered learning environment carefully designed to suit the ages of our students.  
  • Our center has no swings, high chairs or other contraptions that restrict a child's movement in order to encourage independence and physical development from the earliest ages by allowing children to be mobile and explore in a safe and developmentally appropriate classroom.
  • We incorporate sign language and Spanish into the curriculum for all of our age groups to give your child tools for communication, language development and future language acquisition.
  • BCLC values cultural diversity and variety in the experiences we offer our students with art, history and music.
  • Our center provides snacks twice daily that are organic and local as much as possible.  We try to introduce simply prepared fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins that allow our students to taste a range of healthy food options each week.
*For more on what makes Montessori special, check out this fantastic video by Montessori Teacher, Anna Lee http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcgtI_bC4sY

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Family of a Willow Room Student
        We recently had a play date with a boy (our son's) age (literally, they were born the same day).  The other little boy is watched by his grandma during the week when his parents work, so except for play dates & places like the library, has very little social interaction with peers.  At our play date, both boys wanted to ride a toy train at the same time; the other boy pushed (my son) in order to gain access to the toy. I told (my son) that it was the other kid's turn & he needed to wait for a turn. A few minutes later he started saying "my turn please" but never resorted to pushing in order to get a turn. I was so proud of him! :)

 Family of an Oak Room Student
On day two of bringing our daughter to day care, I opened the door to the Oak Room and looked at her face.  She saw her friends and her teachers and got a huge smile on her face as she clasped her hands together.  That's when I was sure we had found the right place for her to spend her days!  Thanks BCLC!

Family of a Maple Room Student Our favorite thing about Bright Child are all of the teachers who make (our daughter's) days so special.  They are always smiling and knowing she loves being with them and, them with her, makes it so much easier to leave her every day.

Family of a Maple Room Student
I have many great memories of the last year- from the first time that I visited to the last time I picked (my son) up.  Every time I have dropped him off and picked him up, I have marveled at how excited and caring the teachers are about (my son) and his development.  My favorite memories (are of) watching a teacher feed one baby, sing and calm another and encourage a third playing with a floor work all at the same time and of another teacher stopping in the hall before leaving so she could see (my son) walk!


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